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Wholistic NOW! Advertising Standards 2020

Advertisements are welcomed in Wholistic NOW!

  • Circulation: Holistic Health Consumers and Providers; Administrators and Educators; Lay Public
  • Publication Schedule:  Four Issues a Year – Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer
  • Rates: $35.00 per advertisement per issue; $115.00 per advertisement for four issues.
  • Ad Size: Maximum 490×300 pixels. Please provide a link to your website, if desired.
  • Space Reservations: First-come, first-served basis, with payment.
  • Artwork: Camera ready ads required and accepted with payment. Please provide in JPEG format.
  • Restrictions: No political advertisements or endorsements, or classified ads will be accepted. One advertisement per business/organization per issue is permitted.
  • Disclaimer: Advertisements published in Wholistic NOW! do not constitute an endorsement of a product or service.
  • The Wholistic NOW! Editors reserve the right to request additional information, if needed and to accept or reject any advertisement for publication at its sole discretion.